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Welcome to Wisdom Art


Happy Birthday Wisdom Art. Our Second Year and Growing!



Inspired By The Universe  - And The Day You Were Born

Welcome to Wisdom Art LLC: You design and we create unique, personal and timeless custom astrology gemstone jewelry and zodiac art inspired by the universe and the day you were born.

The Perfect Astrology GiftCustom Astrology Jewelry and Zodiac Gifts

- Create unique custom handcrafted gemstone jewelry for yourself or someone special.

- Learn more about your zodiac sign, your birthstones, ruling planet and element.

- Start with your birthday and create a personal bracelet, a replica of the planets alignment the moment you were born.

- Design custom zodiac art using your constellation in the sky. It shines by day and GLOWS at night.

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Inspired By The Universe And The Day You Were Born!TM

Custom Astro Planet Jewelry using your personal Zodiac Astrology.

A mathematical replica of the alignment of the planets in space the moment you or the person your giving it to, was born.

Astrology Gemstone Bracelet

Astrology Planet Bracelet

World Genesis Foundation


World Genesis Foundation

Bracelets of Hope


Click here and Design your "Bracelet of Hope."



Please learn more of this extraordinary Foundation and this Academy at:
www.WorldGenesis.org and www.Atlantykron.org 


What's Your Ruling Planet?

Zodiac Gemstone Bracelet





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