Tourmaline in the Gemstone LibraryTourmaline

Name Origin: Tourmaline came from the Sinhalese name of “turmali” or “tormally” (multicolored).

Historical significance/folklore: This stone is piezoelectric, in other words, it generates electricity under pressure and under heat. The Dutch called it “ash remover,” because when it was heated it removed ash from a pipe. It has been used in gardens to keep pests away and is very beneficial for plants. Tourmaline was thought to be an aid to meditation, fostering compassion and cool headedness. It was said to protect its wearer against many dangers, particularly that of falling. Scientists are also interested in tourmaline because it changes its electrical charge when heated. It becomes a polarized crystalline magnet and can attract light objects.

Gemstone properties: This stone transforms dense energy into lighter vibrations. It grounds spiritual energy. It is very beneficial for plants; It points you in a good direction to move. Tourmaline is a powerful mental healer of both, right and left sides of the brain, transmits negative thoughts into positive ones, calming, protection, focus, and balance. This stone also attracts inspiration, compassion and tolerance.

Healing Properties: Relaxation, emotional pain, hand-eye coordination, energy flow, removal of blockages, endocrine system, spine, skin, heart.