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Name Origin: Tiger eye gets it's name due to the traditional brown-orange and black coloring of the rock, like a tiger's eye.

Historical significance/folklore: Tiger Eye is one of the chatoyant gemstones. This means it has a changeable silky luster when you look at it. This is caused as light is reflected from the inside of the stone. There is also a natural blue tiger-eye, which is sometimes called Hawk's Eye. Roman soldiers wore tiger-eye because they believed it was an "all seeing" eye and also for protection.

Gemstone properties: Tiger-eye has a very subtle vibration. It combines its frequency with the energy of the sun. It deals with issues of self-worth and self-criticism. Tiger Eye helps to unblock creativity and brings clarity. Tiger Eye assists in accomplishing goals and supports integrity, releasing inhibitions, bringing calmness. Tiger Eye symbolizes willpower, confidence, and assurance. It is said to clear visual disturbances and provide protection during travel.

Healing properties: Perception, night vision, reproductive organs, emotional balance and internal conflicts.