Wisdom Art - Taurus ConstellationTaurus Constellation and Mythology

April 21 to May 21

Taurus: The second Sign of the Zodiac

Zodiac Symbol: Bull

Constellation: Taurus

Element: Earth

Zodiac Quality: Fixed

Planet: Venus



For over 5,000 years this constellation has been associated with a bull. Bulls have been worshipped since ancient times as symbols of strength and fertility. In classical times, the Greeks saw the constellation as Zeus disguised as a bull. The legend states that Zeus fell in love with the beautiful Europa, daughter of Agenor, King of Phoenicia. One day while playing at the waters edge, the majestic white bull, Zeus in animal form, caught Europa's attention. The bull knelt before her as she approached it. She climbed upon its back, wreathing flowers around its horns. Springing to its feet, the bull took off into the sea.
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