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Name Origin: Smoky comes from the color of the stone. The name quartz has an uncertain origin, possibly derived from the German word “quarz.”

Historical significance/folklore: Smoky Quartz is the National Gem of Scotland and has been considered a sacred stone there for a long time, a belief dating back to the Druids. Smoky Quartz has been used widely since ancient times because it is so easy to cut as a gem and equally as easy to shape for ornaments and other practical applications. Smoky Quartz was popular for making snuff bottles in China, and was also popular in ancient times with the Romans, who used the stone for carving intaglio seals. The Sumerians cut and engraved various quartz stones as cylinder seals and used them later as ring seals.

Gemstone properties: Smoky Quartz is one of the most efficient grounding stones. It has a strong link to the earth assists elimination and detoxification. It helps to relieve emotional blockages while enhancing your perception and intuition. Smoky quartz balances the male and female and brings grounding and calm to your state of awareness. It is an excellent stone for enhancing affection and compassion. It will protect your energy and endurance, builds self-confidence and brining cooperation and joy. Smoky quartz absorbs electromagnetic stress. Enhances dream awareness and channeling abilities. A cleansing stone so passion can flow. It promotes moving between alpha and beta states of mind.

Healing Properties: Concentration, X-ray exposure, hips, pain relief, abdomen, heart, the back, nerves.