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Name Origin: The name is from the Greek, “rhodon,” “rose,” in reference to the minerals color, although there are references that credit the Celtic word “rhod,” which means “wheel.”

Historical significance/folklore: Rhodonite does not seem to have a rich history of legend but like Rose Quartz, this gemstone teaches the all-important lesson of self-love. Its rich pink color is often contrasted with black and inclusions of manganese oxide. It is found in Russia, Mexico, the USA, Canada and South Africa.

Gemstone properties: Rhodonite helps one to achieve his/her greatest potential. It heightens attention to details, and brings generosity. It is for the heart chakra and conveys unconditional love. It can help one to attain calm assurance in all activities. It assists one in recognizing and implementing the actions required to encourage and to further the "Brotherhood" of humanity. Rhodonite is an emotional balancer and healer and is used to clear the psychic centers. Rhodonite stimulates and heals the heart, especially when it comes to emotions of love. Rhodonite clears out emotional wounds form the past, clearing away festering resentment and anger and helps find forgiveness. This gemstone promotes relaxation and brings a sense of well being.

Healing properties: Rhodonite is an excellent wound healer. It can be used on insect bites, scarring, inflammation of the joints and the hearing organs.