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Name Origin: The moonstone named for its resemblance in color to the moon.

Historical significance/folklore: Moonstone has long been associated with the moon due to its iridescence. Romans believed the stone formed from moonlight. Ancient Hindu beliefs said that moonstone formed from tiny parts of moonbeams. Arabian women, in tune with the feminine and fertile aspects of moonstone, would sew moonstone into their robes to be blessed with many children. Moonstones were also thought of a protective stone, especially at night or with water.

Gemstone properties: Like the moon, moonstone is a symbol of feminine energy. It carries the vibration of light and spiritual healing. Helps you to see the unseen, heightening intuition and perception. It strengthens seeing symbols and synchronicities, enhancing creativity, and self-expression while one explores the great adventures that lie ahead. Rainbow Moonstone vibrates with the feminine wisdom and goddess energy of the waxing and waning of the moon. Moonstones have a reflective, calming energy, helping to balance emotions. It helps to strengthen intuition and psychic perception and brings balance and harmony. Moonstone is helpful for men to become more comfortable with their feminine side.

Healing properties: Healing of the reproductive system, women's cycle and hormone balance, regenerates tissue and organs, arteries and veins.