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Living Through Art FoundationHeather Caton of Wisdom Art

I believe art has an incredible power to heal and transform, continually bringing new self discovery. It builds, hope, imagination, and belief, thank you for your support.

Heather Caton, M.S.W.
President & CEO, Wisdom Art LLC

Living through Art was launched in 2008. A not- for –profit organization, whose mission is to support projects that use art to ignite the imagination, challenge the senses, to reach new possibilities and enhance overall well-being.
Building Hope Through Self-Discovery.

You can learn more about art and it's incredible power, see our recent projects, and get started in making art, a part of someone else's life as well as your own. Explore the photo gallery of some of the projects we have done around the world.

A portion of every purchase will go directly to The Living Through Art Foundation projects. Thank you for your support!

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