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Name Origin: One theory is that Lepodolite is from the Greek word lepidos, meaning scale, because Lepodolite normally appears scaly. Another theory is that Lepodolite was known as lilalite (from the Hindu word 'lila' meaning play, game).

Historical significance/folklore: There is not a lot of found history of this stone.

Gemstone properties: It is great at clearing electrometric pollution. Is used for a higher good, peace and brings about recollection. Helps to find energy blockages. Helps one during periods of transition, reducing stress and allowing for smooth change. Promote self-preservation. Encourages independences and accomplishing goals. It aids with emotional balancing. Helps with decision making, filtering out distractions

Healing properties: Muscle relaxation, depression, addiction, nightmares, psychological imbalances, and detoxification of skin, menopause, and computer strain, tendentious, nerve pain, anger, allergies, digestion.