Gemstone Reference Book

Wisdom Art - Alexandrite Alexandrite: Balancing male and female energy, rebuilding, renewal and regeneration, openness to higher self.
  Wisdom Art - Moonstone Moonstone:  Introspection, reflection, beginnings, insight, tenderness, harmony, peace, travel.
Wisdom Art - Amber  Amber:  Soothing, calming, cleansing.
  Wisdom Art - Moss Agate Moss Agate:  Balancing physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies; perceptiveness, strength, inspiration, awakening talents.
Wisdom Art - Amethyst Amethyst:  Contentment, spirituality, dreams, healing, peace, happiness, love, intuition.
  Wisdom Art - Onyx Onyx:  Self-control, decision-making, intuition, recognition of personal strengths.
Wisdom Art - Apatite Apatite:  Intellect, achieving results, healing, insight, humanitarianism, meditation, balance, creativity.
  Wisdom Art - Opal Opal:  Creativity, spontaneity, relationships, memory, happy dreams and changes.
Wisdom Art - Aquamarine Aquamarine:  Courage, purification, peace, intuition, self-expression, balance, preparedness.
  Wisdom Art - Pearl Pearl:  Purity, faith, charity, innocence, integrity, focus, wisdom, spirituality, sincerity, fertility.
Wisdom Art - Azurite Malachite Azurite Malachite:  Visualization, emotional healing, cleansing, detoxification
  Wisdom Art - Peridot Peridot:  Warmth, friendliness, understanding, openness in love and relationships, regulation of cycles.
Wisdom Art - Bloodstone Bloodstone:  Courage, intense healing, renewal, strength, victory, intuitive decision making.
  Wisdom Art - Petrified Wood Petrified Wood:  Grounding, Removing obstacles, reaching goals,
Wisdom Art - Blue Aventurine  Blue Aventurine:  Healing, money, mental agility, visual acuity, peace, opening heart, motivation, leadership. 
  Wisdom Art - Red Jasper Red Jasper:  Protection, nurturing, joy, awareness; balancing of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies.
Wisdom Art - Blue Lace Agate Blue Lace Agate:  Balancing physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies;
perceptiveness, strength, inspiration, awakening talents.
  Wisdom Art - Rhodonite Rhodonite:  Peace, generosity, attention to details.
Wisdom Art - Blue Topaz Blue Topaz:  Soothes physical pain, promotes peace and calms emotions, as well as promoting forgiveness. Promotes individuality, self-confidence, and creativity. Counteracts negative emotions.
  Wisdom Art - Rose Quartz Rose Quartz:  Love, peace, happiness, gentleness, healing emotional wounds.
Wisdom Art - Carnelian Carnelian:  Precision, analytical capabilities, physical energy, verbal skill, peace, spirituality.
  Wisdom Art - Ruby Ruby:  Nurturing, spiritual wisdom, attainment of values, economic stability, protection from distress.
Wisdom Art - Chrysoprase Chrysoprase:  Balancing male/female energy, personal growth, compassion, grace, love.
  Wisdom Art - Sapphire Sapphire:  Joy, peace, beauty, intuition, prosperity, and fulfillment of dreams.
Wisdom Art - Citrine Citrine:  Intuition, comfort, protection, creativity, physical energy, wealth, mental awakening.
  Wisdom Art - Smoky Quartz Smoky Quartz:  Dissolving emotional blockage, clearing the mind, cooperation, personal pride, joy in living, and attentiveness to the moment, protection.
Wisdom Art - Crystal Quartz Crystal Quartz:  Intensifying energy, spiritual development, and healing, raising consciousness.
  Wisdom Art - Sodalite Sodalite:  Wisdom, logic, calmness, healing, stress reduction, companionship, self-esteem.
Wisdom Art - Diamond Diamond:  Courage, strength, healing, protection, spirituality, mental abilities.
  Wisdom Art - Sunstone Sunstone:  Promotes good humor, cheerfulness and an even temper, stamina and energy, self confidence, positive attitude
Wisdom Art - Emerald Emerald:  Love, domestic bliss, sensitivity, loyalty, memory, mental capacity, harmony, focus, eliminating negativity.
  Wisdom Art - Tiger Eye Tiger Eye:  Practicality, peacefulness, clarity, intelligence, intuition, new experiences, financial stability, calmness, releasing inhibitions.
Wisdom Art - Fluorite Fluorite: stability, reasoning, responsibility, concentration.  
  Wisdom Art - Tourmaline Tourmaline: Calming, protection, focus, and balance, attracts inspiration, compassion and tolerance.
Wisdom Art - Garnet Garnet:  Health, removing negativity, awareness, commitment, regeneration, order, insight.
  Wisdom Art - Turquoise Turquoise:  Spiritual attunement, cleansing, healing, protection, valor, soothing, peace of mind, guidance through the unknown, romantic spontaneity.
Wisdom Art - Green Aventurine Green Aventurine:  Healing, money, mental agility, visual acuity, peace, opening heart, motivation, leadership.
  Wisdom Art - Unakite Unakite:  Facilitating advancement, foresight and re-birth, emotional balance
Wisdom Art - Hematite Hematite:  Balance, reason, and clarity, dissolve negativity, enhancing memory and intellect, courage, concentrated energy, and strengthening of the heart.
  Wisdom Art - Yellow Topaz Yellow Topaz:  True love, success in endeavors, and understanding of interrelationships, expression of ideas, trust, health, personal expansion and growth.
Wisdom Art - Jade Jade:  Fidelity, dreams, realization of potential, peace, accord, resourcefulness, accomplishment.
  Wisdom Art - White Howlite  White Howlite: Calming, awareness, emotional expression, patients, eliminating negativity. 
Wisdom Art - Lepidolite Lepodolite:  stress reduction, protection, physical strength, and emotional balance.