Wisdom Art Owl in TreeGemstone Jewelry for Children

As unique as they are and with all their possibilities, these bracelets are a special design for children, inspired by the universe and the magic of the seasons. They are made with gemstones and of course lots of Swarovski crystals for extra sparkle.
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Choose a style that is linked to the season they were born or choose to custom make a bracelet using the gemstones associated with their birthday. Believe, Hope, Imagine... It's Art about You! 

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Wisdom Art - Child's Spring Bracelet Wisdom Art - Child's Summer Bracelet Wisdom Art - Child's Autumn Bracelet Wisdom Art - Child's Winter Bracelet Wisdom Art - Child's Custom Bracelet
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Bracelets are aproximately 6 ½ inches in length and are recommended for children ages 5-12. If you need a different length please contact us.

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Elements and Modes

Gemstones that are helpful for children

Wisdom Art - AmethystNightmares/Insomnia: One of my favorite crystals for children is amethyst. It not only helps with a child that has nightmares or has problems sleeping, it is a calming gemstone.

Wisdom Art - Rose QuartzHeartbreak: Children's hearts are tender and easily hurt. (This is at least twice as true for teenagers.) A rose quartz can help to ease the heart.

Wisdom Art - CitrineSelf-esteem: As the child moves towards becoming an independent individual he/she may find that citrine helps to bolster self-confidence.

Wisdom Art - SodaliteWisdom Art - CarnelianConcentration: The child who has difficulty studying may be helped by either carnelian (for being grounded in the present) or sodalite (for clearing up mental confusion).

Wisdom Art - MoonstoneEmotional Overwhelm: Moonstone can be wonderful for a child feeling overwhelmed with there feelings. It is also good for bringing emotional balance.

Wisdom Art - Blue AventurineWisdom Art - Blue Lace AgateCommunication: If your child has difficulty in asking others for help blue lace agate is helpful for peaceful communication. Blue Aventurine also is helpful for communication and truth.

Wisdom Art - Owl PendantWisdom Art Owl Pendant

This owl pendent is hand carved. It's carved from the stone, Howlite, (the word OWL is in the name) this stone holds properties that enables one to be true to themselves. To learn more about Howlite click here.

You pendent will come in a black velvet pouch and a card about the gemstone Howlite.

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