Gemstone Jewelry Bracelets

You become the designer. It's unique, personal and meaningful.

It's Art About You!

Your bracelet is divided into the 12 sections representing the 12 signs of the zodiac and are marked with Swarovski crystals. To build your own custom bracelet follow the steps below.

Bracelets are approximately 7 1/2 inches in length and are recommended for ages 13 and up. If you need a different length please contact us.

1. Choose one of the three background stones (see images below)

2. Pick a clasp (see images below)

3. Choose your gemstone! Remember you can choose a gemstone linked to you! It could be your birthday gemstone or your ruling planet stone or some you're simply attracted to.

4. Click "Add to Bag"
Background Bead
Bracelet Length
Name of Gemstone

Background BeadsBackground Beads           Clasps           Gemstones
Black Background Bead
(Click on picture to see larger image)Wisdom Art - Custom Bracelet
Gold Background Bead
(Click on picture to see larger image)
Wisdom Art - Custom Bracelet
Silver Background Bead
(Click on picture to see larger image)
Wisdom Art - Custom Bracelet
Lobster Clasp
Wisdom Art - Lobster Clasp

Screw Clasp
Wisdom Art - Screw Clasp

Toggle Clasp
Wisdom Art - Toggle Clasp

Magnet Clasp
Wisdom Art - Magnet Clasp
AmberWisdom Art - Amber   AmethystWisdom Art - Amethyst  
Wisdom Art - Apatite
  Azurite MalachiteWisdom Art - Azurite Malachite
BloodstoneWisdom Art - Bloodstone   Blue AventurineWisdom Art - Blue Aventurine  
Blue Lace Agate
Wisdom Art - Blue Lace Agate
  CarnelianWisdom Art - Carnelian
ChrysopraseWisdom Art - Chrysoprase   CitrineWisdom Art - Citrine   Crystal QuartzWisdom Art - Crystal Quartz   FluoriteWisdom Art - Fluorite
GarnetWisdom Art - Garnet   Green AventurineWisdom Art - Green Aventurine   HematiteWisdom Art - Hematite   JadeWisdom Art - Jade
LepodoliteWisdom Art - Lepidolite   MoonstoneWisdom Art - Moonstone   Moss AgateWisdom Art - Moss Agate   OnyxWisdom Art - Onyx
Red JasperWisdom Art - Red Jasper   RhodoniteWisdom Art - Rhodonite   Rose QuartzWisdom Art - Rose Quartz   Smoky QuartzWisdom Art - Smoky Quartz
SodaliteWisdom Art - Sodalite   Tiger EyeWisdom Art - Tiger Eye   TurquoiseWisdom Art - Turquoise   UnakiteWisdom Art - Unakite

To learn more about which gemstones are linked to you and their meaning click one of the links:

Gemstone library
Zodiac Table
Ruling Planets

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