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Name Origin: Garnet derived its name from the Latin word “granatus,” meaning “like a grain,” which refers to the mode of occurrence wherein crystals resemble grains or seeds.

Historical significance/folklore: Even Noah, it is reported, used a lantern from Garnet in order to safely steer his Ark through the darkness of the night. Garnets are found in jewelry from ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman eras. Many courageous discoverers and travelers wore Garnets for protection, as they were considered popular talismans and protective stones, because it was believed in those days that Garnets illuminate the night and prevent their wearer from any sort of evil. Today science explained to us that the proverbial luminosity of Garnet is caused by its high refraction of light. One of the world's most ancient gems, garnet has been treasured for thousands of years. 
Use of garnets as gems is traced to the Nile Delta in 3100 B.C. Egyptian artisans created beautiful garnet beads, bracelets and other jewelry. Garnets since ancient times used widely as an abrasive. The hardness of garnets and their sharp fracture make them suitable as abrasives for wood, leather, glass, metals, and plastics.

Gemstone properties: Garnet stimulates self-confidence, removing inhibitions. Garnet extracts negative energy from the body and promotes health. It is a powerful stone for putting "force" behind creativity that leads to awareness, action and results. Garnet aids in the process of self-discovery by integrating one's experiences and emotions with the intellect. It facilitates loyalty and commitment both in relationships and to tasks. It is also is a balance stone, it brings courage and hope, removing negativity and bringing regeneration and commitment. It fortifies survival instinct.

Healing Properties: Garnet can treat disorders of the heart, lungs, spine and spinal fluid, cells, bone and blood. It has been used to balance sexual energies and repair and protect DNA/RNA structure.