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The Violet Flame
Teodor Vasile, Ph.D.

The Violet Flame by Teodor Vasile 
Teodor Vasile Teodor Vasile - With a vision dedicated to the action to regain health, using techniques that addresses the whole human being, guiding elements for both therapist and person is enabled and use the healing process and evolution of the deep connection, the Divine Light, the state of inner peace and Unconditional Love.  www.vasileteodor.ro  
Feng Shui of Teodor Vasile Feng Shui of Teodor Vasile - The art and of Feng Shui and its applications. I think it necessary to review the main Elements and Principles, which define this art. Let us not forget that the foundation of applying Feng Shui principles is, first and foremost, about a sense of balance and harmony.  www.fengshui.arts.ro  
Twin Lotus Center Twin Lotus Center - With the intention is to offer the community a peaceful and intimate sanctuary, a respite from the stress and strain of everyday life, a place to emerge from feeling lighter, happier, and uplifted. Founded by Antara Davis and Laurie Lotus Miller, The Twin Lotus Center is a many-faceted jewel in the heart of Santa Cruz, California. Here you will learn about and experience a variety of healing modalities via workshops, personalized sessions, weekly classes, or in ongoing monthly meetings.  www.twinlotuscenter.com  
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