Clearing and Caring for Gemstones and CrystalsClearing Gemstones and Crystals

Why clear and cleanse your crystals?


Crystals have a tendency to absorb the energies around them. Here are some ways to clear and clean your crystals:

Sea Salt Water: Many people like to use sea salt water because sea salt is a very cleansing mineral. You can fill a bowl of water, add sea salt, and then place your crystal in it. Some people visualize the crystal releasing old energies out into the sea salt water. Again, you don't want to use this method with delicate stones. Both sea salt and water can damage your crystals if left on them for to long.

Earth: This method considers the source of our beautiful crystals as Mother Earth. What better way to clear away negativity than by placing your stone back into its original place? For this method, you can either bury your stone in your backyard (use a marker, or you can simply gather some soil in a container, and place your stone within it.

Running Water: You can hold your stones under running water to remove negative energies, simply hold your stone under a running faucet, or in a stream. Make sure that crystal points are pointed down.

Sunlight: Using the sun to clear negative energies from your crystals is often used. For many stones, the sun acts as a wonderful purifier. The method commonly used here is placing your stones outside for a specified period of time. There is no set time but make sure it is not too long due to the fact that the sun can fade some stones.

Moonlight: This method is pretty safe, using the same method as above, except with the moon instead of the sun as the clearing agent. Of course, using the moon, one need not worry about fading. Make sure your stones are in a safe place.