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Name Origin: The name Chrysoprase comes from Greek meaning “gold leek.” Chrysoprase is also sometimes referred to as "Australian Jade".

Historical significance/folklore: It has been said that ancients believed Chrysoprase promotes the love of truth. It was thought that Chrysoprase was the favorite gemstone of Alexander the Great.

Gemstone properties: Balances male/female energy, brings, grace, compassion and personal growth. Promoting optimism and personal insight, Chrysoprase aligns your ideals with your behaviors. It aids in bringing alignment to all your chakras, allowing a constant flow of energy. Chrysoprase enhances your ability to think clearly and honestly, while encouraging growth, understanding and adaptability in new situations. Chrysoprase stimulates fidelity in personal relationships and business. It is a releaser of emotions held in from childhood and stimulates acceptance of yourself as well as others.

Healing properties: Chrysoprase is used to stimulate liver function, helps with absorption of vitamin C. It can speed the healing of any wound but should not be placed on the body rather held over the affected area. Helps with mobilizing heavy metals out of the body.