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Name Origin: There are two theories on the origin of Carnelian. It is said that the name comes from the color of a cornelian cherry; the other is that it derives from the Latin word “carneus,” flesh color.

Historical significance/folklore: Carnelian belongs to the quartz family of gems and is also referred to by other trade names like, red chalcedony and red agate. Carnelian (also sometimes referred to as cornelian) is found primarily in India, as well as various sites in South America. The Egyptians believed that the carnelian gemstone had special powers in afterlife. They also believed that carnelian amulets would help the passage of the soul into the next world. This is the reason why numerous types of carnelian jewelry have been found in the ancient Egyptian tombs. In Europe carnelian jewelry was worn with the belief that, it would provide protection against evil and also ensure continuation of hope, good luck and comforts. This was strongly believed by the Greeks and Romans who used the carnelian gemstone in signet rings and cameos.

Gemstone properties: Carnelian is a stabilizing stone with high energy. It aids to anchor in to the present and restoring vitality, enhancing analytical capabilities and verbal skills. It has the ability to clean other stones. Carnelian is used for clearing energy and bringing a state of peace. Carnelian is an energy booster. It helps the insecure person to find strength within them so they can come into their own. Produces precision and inspiration. Provides stabilizing energy in one's home. Encourages love between family members. Can be used to cleanse negativity from other stones. It has a clearing effect, dispelling negative energies as it replaces them with positive ones. This can make it easier to find direction, and its grounding effects can make it easier for you to feel in control of your life and motivates success.

Healing properties: Metabolism, concentration, week memory, heart, absorption of vitamins and minerals, headaches, heals open sores, soothes fevers, and rejuvenates tissue, rheumatism, kidney stones, gallstones, pollen allergies and colds.