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Name Origin: Agate derives its name from the Greek "Agateес," meaning “happy.” The name Agate is believed to derive from the Greek word given to a stone found thousands of years ago in the Achates River in Southwestern Sicily, now known as Dirillo River. Blue Lace Agate has also been coined the name “Gem of Ecology” because of its blue and white coloration and banding.

Historical significance/folklore: There is little history about this gemstone. The blue member of the Agate family is the Earth Ecology Award's symbol for World Ecology. They chose this intricately designed Quartz because of its resemblance to Mother Earth's appearance from space. Astronaut Dr. Harrison H. Schmitt (Apollo 17) commented while orbiting Earth, "If there ever was a fragile appearing piece of blue in space, it is the Earth right now". Earth Ecology Award must have felt the delicate patterns of the Blue Lace Agate echoed those sentiments.

Gemstone properties: Blue Lace Agate also offers energetic support for those who constantly use communication in their work. It is an excellent for anyone who must consistently speak in a clear and intelligible manner. It helps to protect the throat chakra from overstimulation and assists in connecting one's communications with one's higher guidance. It has the ability to assist one in speaking one's mind and heart in a way that others can hear. Blue Lace Agate can assist communication in situations where angry words must be avoided and clear understanding promoted. It can counteract fear of rejection. Peaceful, gential energies assist with starting over and neutralize feelings of anger, soothe an overactive mind and to assist in calming and stilling one's thoughts. It brings balance and wakens talents.

Healing properties: Nurturing, aiding sore neck and shoulders, throat and lymph infections, fever, emotional trauma, blood vessels, skin disorders, digestive process.