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Name Origin: The name aventurine means "by chance." Green aventurine is a lucky stone, especially in games of chance.

Historical significance/folklore: This comes from the 18th century tale that tells of an accidental discovery by an Italian glassmaker who unwittingly let some copper filings fall into the molten glass. This was later dubbed Aventurine Glass or Goldstone, something similar in looks but totally different in character from natural Aventurine. And although it was known first, Goldstone is now a common imitation of Aventurine and Sunstone. Natural Green Aventurine is made when other minerals form in the Quartzite during high-grade metamorphism. Impurities commonly alter to Mica during the high-grade metamorphism. This gives Aventurine its green color and sparkled effect.

Gemstone Properties: This gemstone is a healer and comforter increasing mental agility. It can strengthen eyesight; Blue aventurine can show the path to other possibilities. Enhances tranquility & peace. Lessens anxiety & fear. Protects and clears heart chakra. Balances male and female energies. Activates one's pioneering spirit. Amplifies leadership qualities and brings healing.

Healing Properties: Balancing male/female energy, eyes, adrenals, sinuses, cholesterol, blood pressure, metabolism, heart, anti inflammatory, muscular systems.