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Name Origin: This dark-green variety of chalcedony is dotted with nodules of bright-red jasper. Polished sections therefore show red spots on a dark-green background, which resemble drops of blood and inspired its name. It is also known as Heliotrope, which in Greek means “sun turning”. It is not known for certain why this name was given for Bloodstone, although it is said, in Ancient times, polished stones were described as reflecting the sun.

Historical significance/folklore: This attractive chalcedony quartz is also known as Heliotrope because in ancient times polished stones were described as reflecting the sun: perhaps the appearance of the gem reminded the ancients of the red setting sun reflected in the ocean. The bloodstone was used to stop bleeding especially nosebleeds. In ancient Babylon, it was used to overcome enemies, and take down walls. Bloodstone, green jasper dotted with bright red spots of iron oxide, was treasured in ancient times and long served as the birthstone for March. The Greeks and Romans wore bloodstone to gain endurance during athletic endeavors and to secure favor of those in power. Gnostics believed that this stone prolonged life and brought untold wealth.

Gemstone properties: Bloodstones is known as a “Healer Stone.” It can be used to revitalize and heal. The bloodstone is used for circulation of all energy in the body and helps to remove energy blocks. It can keep out undesired influences. It is grounding and protecting. It helps with reducing impatience, aggression and irritability. It aids with courage and intuitive decision-making.

Healing properties: Immune stimulator, circulation, metabolic process, insomnia, acute infections.