Wisdom Art - AlexandriteAlexandrite

Name Origin: Alexandrite is named after Czar Alexander's II of Russia.

Historical significance/folklore: Alexandrite is created from a very rare mineral called Chrysoberyl. There are a few talismanic stones which have gained their repute in our time, notably the alexandrite, a variety of chrysoberyl found in Russia, in the emerald mines on the Takowaya, in the Ural region. This variety has been said to have been discovered in 1831 on the day Alexander II (then heir-apparent) reached his 21st birthday and it was therefore named alexandrite, by Nordenskjold, the mineralogist. It is known to change color. The finest alexandrite is a bright green but when put in candlelight or any reddish light, the stone changes to a bright red. Russian writer Nikolai Semyonovich Leskov (1831-1895) who wrote a short novel, "Alexandrite, Mysterious Interpretation of a True Fact", in which the gem plays a major role and is defined as a prophetic stone.

Gemstone properties: A guardian stone, it balances male and female energy. It assists in preserving emotions. It rebuilds self-respect intensifying your dreams and willpower. It expands the imagination and attuning to your inner voice, renewal and regeneration, openness to higher self.

Healing Properties: Nervous and glandular systems, inflammation, male reproductive organs, liver, stomach, spine, resistance to toxins and pollutants, circulatory system.